1-on-1 with Dulwich Hamlet stopper Preston Edwards

Preston Edwards is a talented goalkeeper who started his career with Millwall. After spells at Dover Athletic and Grays, Edwards went onto play for Ebbsfleet, where he made over 200 appearances.

Now at Bostik Premier Dulwich Hamlet, Edwards must surely be considered one of the best keepers in the division. We caught up with Preston to see what he had to say about non-league, Dulwich Hamlet and more!


Firstly, how is this season going for you personally, and for Dulwich Hamlet as a whole?


Personally, I’ve been happy with my form. I have been quite consistent over the course of the season and kept a good number of clean sheets. The first half of the season was excellent for us. We accumulated over two points per game and that is a good sign when you want to be at the right end of the table. We have stuttered of late, and we have not been happy with results. I’m sure we will kick on, but we must start getting results if we want to achieve our aim of promotion.


Who has been the toughest opposition for Dulwich Hamlet so far this season?


Margate has been our toughest opponent to date. I thought they were well organised and limited us to only a few chances. We normally have lots of chances in each game, but in this game I can only remember us having a limited amount of chances.


When do you first remember going between the sticks?


I remember being put in the sticks when I was nine years old. I was a fat, asthmatic kid who could run fast, but ran out of breath quickly. My coach saved the hassle of me asking for my asthma pump during the game and stuck me in goal. I would much rather play on pitch though!


Who is the best player you have played with… and who is the best player you have played against?


I was with the England under 19s and played with Daniel Sturridge. He was unbelievable! I also played against Luka Modric. He had eyes at the back of his head!

In terms of non-league, the best player I have played with is Andre Gray, who has progressed on to play in the Premier League. A real powerhouse forward, who gives defenders a torrid time. An inspiration to all young non-league players that anything can happen if you have the determination to succeed.

The best player I played against is big Matt Rhead at Lincoln City. A man mountain, who wins absolutely everything in the air.


If you could change one rule in football, what would it be?


When an opposition player injures one of your players, and the injured player has to go off the pitch, whilst the offender stays on the pitch. This does not make any sense to me, so this would be the rule I would change!


You were once sent off after ten seconds, do you look back and laugh about it now?


Is this weird? I’m actually proud of the world record for the fastest sending off for a goalkeeper! I am hoping no one will beat it.


What is your favourite cuisine/dish?


I do love a gaucho steak with the boneless ribs. I starve myself the whole day when I know I have this to eat!


And finally… what makes Dulwich Hamlet unique as a club?


Dulwich is by far the most unique club in non-league football. It is well documented what is happening behind the scenes at Dulwich. This has galvanised the fans even more to keep supporting the team, and I can’t thank them enough for supporting the team through these tough times. The pink and blue is like no other team! Dulwich is a special club!



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1-on-1 with Lewes midfielder James Hammond

James Hammond is a midfielder for Lewes FC, who currently sit second in the Bostik South, a point behind poll position with two games in hand. James is a highly rated player with lots of potential, after starting out at Peacehaven & Telscombe he moved to Lewes in 2015, and is a regular starter for the club. We caught up with James for this weeks one-on-one…


Firstly, how is this season going for Lewes, and how is it going for you personally?


The season is going well for Lewes. We are at the right end of the table however that means nothing unless we continue that until the end of the season! For me personally again it is going well, I have managed to stay injury free and play most minutes of every game.


Who has been the toughest opposition you have faced this season?


That’s a difficult one! We played Truro in the cup and they were very decent, and as a team they were very organised. In terms of league opposition, it is very difficult to say as all the games are hard, however if I had to single a team out it would be Carshalton. They have a good way of playing and are a very technical and pacey team.


Who is the best player you have played with… and who is the best player you have played against?


The best player I have played with is probably Charlie Walker, in my first season coming through into the men’s game he scored 43 goals in this league and then got a move to League Two for Luton Town, some of the goals he scored were incredible! The best player I have played against is probably Jamal Blackman, to be fair he didn’t have much to do, but he is the most credible name currently.


What is the best piece of advice you have been given in football?


Probably from when being young, just to be confident and positive at all times. Football is very much a confidence game at all levels, and I believe it really does effect performances. Football is very up and down, so it’s so essential you’ve got this positive type of mind-set.


What is your best asset as a footballer?


I would say my right foot, I like to think I have a half decent ping but few of the lads don’t think so… They are entitled to their opinion I suppose!


If you could change one rule in football, what would it be?


The length of time you have at half time, especially in the winter!! You warm up… Play for 45 minutes, go in for fifteen minutes, then go back out with your lactic acid built up and then stand and wait about four or five minutes to get playing again!


Who is your favourite footballer, past or present?


Steven Gerrard! What a man… Growing up as a Liverpool fan, we had a very average team, but Gerrard produced at the most crucial moments and was an unbelievable player! Now its Mo Salah, for a winger his goal record is crazy, and he has just been a privilege to watch this season. It was Philippe Coutinho until about 4 weeks ago!


What makes Lewes unique as a club?


Well the “Equality FC” tag singles us out and have made our club known nationwide and even in some other countries. Furthermore, having supporters as owners, there are a great bunch of supporters who week in week out come together to cheer us on, and it really does help as they are part of the club, so we all seek for success as one.


And finally, what do you aim to achieve with the rest of the season at Lewes?


In the position we are in it has to be promotion, there is still a long way to go but we will give 100% to make sure it happens.


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1-on-1 with Folkestone Invicta marksman Ian Draycott

Ian Draycott is a forward for Folkestone Invicta, with an impressive goal scoring record at all levels in non-league. Draycott is an experienced player with great experience in the game, having won promotions with both Folkestone Invicta and Bedford Town. Ian was kind enough to talk to us about non-league football, and gave us some great answers.


Firstly, how is this season going for you Folkestone Invicta, and how is it going for you personally?


We are having a great season and we’re performing way above expectations. Last season we finished 15th in the league, only three points above the relegation zone after winning our last two games of the season. That lead to us being predicted to finish in the bottom eight by the betting companies before the 17/18 campaign.

So far this season we have already passed the 55 points we achieved last season with 16 games to go, we’re in the playoffs with some big non-league clubs, and we are confident we can stay there if we keep performing to the levels we have done so far this season.

On a personal note, our improved team performances have naturally lead to me performing better than last year. We play fast, energetic, attacking football which suits my game. Whether I’m linking attacks, creating chances or finishing them I’m having a bigger impact on results than I did last season.


Who have been the toughest opposition you have faced this season?


I’d have to say, certain periods of our game at Dulwich Hamlet was the toughest so far. Once they went ahead, their confidence was high and they had 2000+ fans cheering them on, we had to ride the storm for a little while which was tough. I don’t think I touched the ball for 10 minutes! Once we got a foothold back in the game I felt we matched them, but unfortunately we still ended up on the wrong side of a seven goal thriller.


Who is the best player you have played with… and who is the best player you have played against?


I have played with a lot of players that have progressed into full time football, the top three probably being Jed Wallace (currently Millwall), Sonny March (currently Brighton) and Matt Ingram (currently QPR). The best non-league player has to be my idol Paul Booth. A non-league goal scoring legend!

The best player I’ve played against is tough as I don’t want to just name some pros that I’ve played a pre-season friendly against. I also played for England Colleges when I was 18, so I played against a lot of international under eighteen players too. If we’re talking non-league the best front line I’ve played against is Matt Tubbs and Paul Sales when they were at Salisbury together in the Southern Premier, and then the Conference (now National) South. They were unplayable on their day, Salisbury even turned over Nottingham Forrest in the FA Cup thanks to that partnership. I haven’t played against a better pair in non-league since them and that was over 10 years ago.


What is the best piece of advice you have been given in football?


Never lose sight of why you started playing football in the first place. For me that’s both the enjoyment through scoring goals and winning games, and also to be part of a ‘team’ both on and off the pitch, and we have certainly got that at Folkestone.


There’s been a lot of talk about VAR lately, what is your opinion on it?


I’m all for it although I can’t see it coming to non-league anytime soon! It obviously needs a bit of time to be refined and finalised, but I think it will be good for the game long term once referees, players, managers and supporters have a good understanding of the processes. I watch a number of sports including cricket, rugby and tennis where the games have all improved due to the introduction of technology.


If you could change one rule in football, what would it be?


It’s not a rule but playing three games in five days over the Christmas period is ridiculous. I can understand the tradition of professionals playing Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, but I don’t understand the reason behind asking part time, non-league players to sacrifice that much time and effort over the Christmas period.


Who is your favourite footballer, past or present?


I would not say I really have a favourite player, but when I was growing up I used to love watching Dennis Bergkamp in the Arsenal team from the late 90’s early 2000’s. I appreciate good teams rather than individuals and I have not seen many teams over the last couple of years that are as good as Man City’s this season.


What is your favourite thing about non-league?


The characters. There’s nowhere else you can meet so many different characters whether they’re managers, players, supporters or volunteers all in the same environment. I won’t name any names, but every club has them and everyone knows who they are!


And finally, what do you aim to achieve with the rest of the season at Folkestone Invicta?


We never set the play-offs as a target at the beginning of the season but now we’re in them we want to stay there! Play-offs can be a lottery so it would be great to be a part of it at the end of the season. I have been promoted to Conference South via the play-offs before back when I was at Bedford Town in the Southern League, we were big outside underdogs then too, so it would be great to do the same with Folkestone!


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Quick-fire Q&A with Dorking Wanderers forward James McShane

James McShane is a forward for Dorking Wanderers, playing an integral part in their Bostik League South promotion campaign last season. His previous clubs include Molesey, Walton Casuals as well as spells in Scotland with Clyde and East Stirlingshire. We caught up with James for a quick-fire Q&A


Firstly, how is this season going for you Dorking Wanderers, and how is it going for you personally?


It has been inconsistent really, with some great wins along the way, but after some games we feel we have come away with the feeling we should have got more than we got.


Do you set yourself any targets at the start of the season?


I always set a goal target of twenty goals a season. I am not quite there yet, but there is plenty of games remaining so I am hopeful of reaching my target.


Who has been the toughest opposition you have faced this season?


Hendon, I thought they were very well organised. They had a very well thought out game plan which nullified our threats.


Which position do you think you are most effective in?


I prefer to play the ‘number ten’ role, just behind the striker. I feel this is where I am best utilised.


Who is the best player you have played with… and who is the best player you have played against?


The best player I have played with has got to be Ruari MacLennan from my time in Scotland with Clyde.

The best player to play against was Jerome Beckles, when I played against him a few years back I couldn’t get near him.


There’s been a lot of talk about VAR lately, what is your opinion on it?


I disagree with VAR. I feel it has ruined the beautiful game from what I have seen of it so far.


If you could change one rule in football, what would it be?


Getting booked for celebrating a goal with fans, or booked taking your shirt off annoys me. I’d change the rule to make it more relaxed.


Who is your favourite footballer, past or present?


Zinedine Zidane is my all-time favourite player.


And finally, what do you aim to achieve with the rest of the season at Dorking Wanderers?


To keep our unbeaten run going, and to finish as high up the table as possible in our first year at this level.



1-on-1 with Met Police’s Alec Fiddes Xammar

Alec Fiddes Xammar is this weeks 1-on-1, the technically gifted midfielder has experience in both Spanish and English football, starting his career at Lleida youth in Spain’s Catalonian region, before returning to England and turning out for Weymouth and Western-Super-Mare amongst others. Alec talks to us about playing professional football in Spain last season for Basque Segunda Division B club S.D Amorebieta, and his season this term which started out at Kingstonian before moving to fellow Bostik Premier outfit Metropolitan Police.

Firstly, how is this season going for you personally, how have you found things at your new club?

The season is going really well. It’s my first year back playing in England after playing professionally in Spain last year, and it’s good to be back. We had a great start to the season at Kingstonian; I really enjoyed my time there and have some very fond memories of the club. I moved on to Met police a couple of weeks ago as Jim showed a lot of interest in me and I wanted to be a part of the promotion push. I’ve loved it since the day I Joined. I feel like I can play my game and really enjoying playing with a great group of lads and under the management team

Who has been the toughest opposition you have faced so far this season?

I was really impressed with Leatherhead the times I’ve faced them this season. They play some nice football and have made some shrewd signings such as Tom Derry which for me makes them a serious contender for playoffs and potential promotion this season. When I was at K’s I was also very impressed with Met who beat us twice, which was part of the reason I Joined!

You’re a Bristol University graduate, what was your degree in, and did you enjoy the experience?

I studied Philosophy, I guess in the world of football it’s always good to put a philosophical perspective on everything! Bristol was great though, a lovely city where I met some great people. I was also fortunate enough to play for Weston Super Mare, Chippenham and Weymouth in my time down in the South West, so I had a great balance of my football career and University studies.

What are your earliest memories of playing football?

Probably early school football, and playing for my local club Balham Blazers!

How does playing in Spain differ to playing in England, is the English game really much more physical?

It is definitely more physical in England. I’d say football in Spain is much more focussed and orientated around the ball. If you’ve got control of the ball you’ve got control of the game, something which probably suits my style. However the end to end, high tempo football which we get in England is very entertaining to both watch and play in.

Which position do you think you are most effective in?

I’d say on the wing or just behind the striker. Since I have signed for Met Police I’ve been playing behind the striker and feel I can have a bigger influence on the game as I probably get on the ball more and have more chances to score. Although I like playing on the wing too, putting crosses in the box and running at my full back.

Who is the best player you have played with… and who is the best player you have played against?

The best player I’ve ever played with is Adrien Goni. Goni was Ex Athletico Bilbao and I was lucky enough to share a dressing room with him last year at Amorebieta, and I was amazed by the quality he had every day in training. The best player I’ve played against is Gerard Deulofeu. When I played for Lleida Esportiu youth team we played against Barcelona’s youth team. He came on with 15 minutes to go and scored a hattrick when they were 2-0 down!

If you could change one rule in football, what would it be?

In non-league football I’d change the non-contract policy. I think it’s unfair that players get shipped in and out of some football clubs as if it were nothing. I believe there should be a rule put in place where you’re only allowed to sign and release a certain number of players a year. Players should have more rights.

Who is your favourite footballer, past of present?

Lionel Messi, simple answer – Past, present and future

And finally, what do you aim to achieve with the rest of your season at Met Police?

The aim is to get in the playoffs and once we are there you never know! Promotion to the conference south would be nice!



1-on-1 with Witham Town winger Correy Davidson

Dublin born Correy Davidson is a winger who plays for Bostik One North side Witham Town. He regularly scores and assists and has great experience in the game playing in a host of different leagues for the likes of Bohemians, Heybridge Swifs and Grays Athletic.

Firstly, how is this season going for you personally, and for Witham Town as a whole?

Hey Adam, good to talk to you. This season for me personally I think has been pretty good. In terms of goals and overall performances, I’m pleased with how it’s going. I set out to score at least 20 goals this season which I know I can reach. In terms of Witham, I think the start to the season was a bit slow, with some bad results. However, since I’ve been here the performances have picked up and the lads have been great, our current form speaks for itself. I believe there’s more to come. Play offs aren’t out of our reach.

Who has been the toughest opposition Witham Town have faced so far this season?

Since I’ve been here I haven’t suffered many defeats at all. It’s hard to say who our toughest game has been against. We have pretty much been on top most games. I’d say toughest game would probably have to be Dagenham and Redbridge at home in the cup, or AFC Hornchurch away, which we won 1-0, but they are a strong side with some good players.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given in football?

I’ve had a lot of people give me some strong advice in football and it’s helped me throughout my career. There is however one piece of advice that stands out for me and although it’s simple it is something I always try and remember. It is by my grandad, and a close friend of mine. “Don’t wait for things to happen, go and make it happen, be the person who makes that one bit of magic happen because it only takes a second.” As I said it’s simple but every game I try to be the difference and make things happen. Also to just never give up on your dream

Which position do you think you are most effective in?

My best position is definitely on the wing, I can play in the ‘10’ and so and so, but my best position is definitely out wide, going at full back and scoring goals. It’s what I love doing and it’s what I’m good at.

Who is the best player you have played with… and who is the best player you have played against?

I’ve played with a lot of good players and a lot come to mind. From playing back home in Ireland to playing here in England. I’ve played with a lot of ex-pros and Gary Haveron who was a quality defender with a sweet left foot and just a born leader. The best player I’ve probably played with though would have to be Kenny Beaney when I played for Grays. He was just class and with both feet, clever and off the pitch, professional, and he could definitely have gone professional. The best player I’ve played against would have to be when I played against Russia, their striker was a really good player who could score goals. Before he played us, he had played in the champions league against Chelsea a couple of months before. He plays in the Russian premier league. I can’t give you his name as it’s pronunciation and spelling is Russian!

If you could change one rule in football, what would it be?

I don’t think I’d change any rules in football I love the game but I do think there should be more contact allowed than there is these days. It’s definitely too strict on that front.

Who is your favourite footballer, past of present?

As a Liverpool fan all my life, Steven Gerrard is always going to be up there. For me though, Messi is definitely my favourite footballer, there’s no one in football I’ve ever enjoyed watching more than I do Messi. He is truly just special and there has never been anything like him, and I think we will struggle to find someone like him again, he’s just a football miracle.

And finally, what do you think is unique about Witham Town?

Witham Town as a football club as I’ve got to know it, is definitely a family club, there’s a good feel about the place and the people there, the fans and the staff and everyone involved are amazing. I’m really enjoying it here. We can’t forget James (Beardwell) either who I think the whole football world knows about, he sings every game non stop and it doesn’t go un-noticed. I have some really good friends here too, Elliott Ronto, who is a great footballer but also a close friend, so it’s good to play with him. There is a lot of great things here at the club.

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What happened in our first radio show of the year?

Over the January transfer window we have heavily strengthened our squad; and our first show of 2018 was also a first show for 4 members of our team.

Do clubs rotate managers too much? Is there enough of an emphasis on coaching defending in non-league football? These and a range of topics were discussed by Ben Eltham, Mick Sullivan, James Cummins, Marc White (well, they were for as long as he had his voice!) and Jody Brown.

To kick-off, the show began discussing the sad injury to Matt Briggs, which led to the abandonment of the Dorking Wanderers vs Burgess Hill after seventy-four minute. The Hillian’s who are rooted to the foot of the Premier Division, at the time had a 2-goal advantage over newly promoted Wanderers. Ian Chapman and Marc White gave us their managerial opinions on the incident. Click here, to view the incident (not for the faint-hearted…). Our best wishes to Matt Briggs and Gary Elphick.

Heybridge Swifts’ Jack Cawley and Horley Town’s Scott Robson, took part in the harder-than-it-sounds Super Sub challenge, and some hilarious answers given!

You can watch the show here:



1-on-1 with Whyteleafe Captain Sam Clayton

Sam Clayton is Whyteleafe’s captain and talismanic playmaker, he has had two spells at the club and was part of the team in his second spell which won the Southern Counties East league and followed this up the next season with a play off spot in the Isthmian South division. Sam Clayton has a vast experience at non-league level and has also turned out for Kingstonian and Tooting & Mitcham United.

Firstly, how is this season going for you personally, and for Whyteleafe FC as a whole?

On a personal level, I set myself a target of twenty goals a season, as I’ve managed to achieve that for the last couple of seasons. I’ve scored seven so far this season, so I’m probably a little off target, but there is still plenty of games to go. As for Whyteleafe as a whole, we are probably a little disappointed to be sitting in a mid-table position after such a good start to the campaign, but realistically after losing so many players after the departure of Leigh Dynan to Kingstonian things were going to be difficult. I think we would be happy with a top half finish and maybe even a play off push.

Do you enjoy the responsibility that comes with being a captain?

I do enjoy the responsibility of being Captain. It is something new for me as I was only appointed after John Scarborough was appointed manager. But, with the age I am now and how many games I have played at this level I believe I have the experience necessary to help the younger lads, and the team as a whole.

Who has been the toughest opposition Whyteleafe have faced so far this season?

I would have to say Cray Wanderers. They are a very organised side and difficult to break down. I look forward to facing them again in the away fixture this season

Which position to you think you are most effective in?

Personally, I think my best position is striker, but in a two up top rather than playing as a lone forward. That’s where I played as a kid all the way through to my start in non-league football. However, for the last few seasons I’ve played wide left as I have zero pace! The thing is most clubs play one up top now rather than a two, so I try to be as effective playing wide right as possible, chipping in with goals and assists

Who is the best player you have played with… and who is the best player you have played against?

I went to school with Wayne Routledge who was unbelievable when we were growing up. Overall though I’d have to say Simon Osborn who I played with at Croydon Athletic, although he was in the latter stages of his career when I played with him, you can tell when someone has played at the top level as he made the game look so easy and ran games from midfield.

The best player I have played against has to be Erhun Oztumer when he was at Dulwich Hamlet, he was called the non-league Messi for a reason!

If you could change one rule in football, what would it be?

I’m not sure if this is classified as a “rule”, but I think goalkeepers get far too much protection from referees. The slightest touch on them these days and its ruled to be a foul, you can’t jump with them without giving away a foul!

Who is your favourite footballer, past of present?

My favourite footballer growing up was Robbie Fowler, one of the best finishers of all time. I even got my parents to buy me the nose strips he used to wear! My favourite player of all time though has to be Cristiano Ronaldo. His goal scoring record speaks for itself, which for me makes him the best ever.

And finally, what do you think is unique about Whyteleafe FC?

I think what makes Whyteleafe unique as a club is the fans. Home and away the “Leafe Army” are there in full voice whether we win or lose. I remember in my first spell at the club we played Tooting away on a cold Tuesday night, we were losing either two or three nil and they all had their tops off, singing in the freezing cold. You don’t see that at many clubs!



1-on-1 with AFC Hornchurch goalkeeper Sam Mott

Sam Mott is an assured and vastly experienced non league goalkeeper, having previously played for Ramsgate and Welling, amongst other non league clubs, before making the number 1 spot his own at high-flying AFC Hornchurch.

Firstly, how is this season going for you personally, and for AFC Hornchurch as a whole?

Personally the season is going well. We are top of the league and haven’t conceded very many at all, so I’m happy. I have kept 8 league clean sheets so far, and will be hoping to add to that and get close to the 20 mark for the season.

As a whole I think we can be very pleased that we are top of the league going into the new year. We could have been a bit further clear of the chasing pack, but we still have a few games in hand and will be looking to make them count. As long as we are in the top two at the end of the season that is all that matters!

Who has been the toughest opposition for AFC Hornchurch so far this season?

Maldon & Tiptree. When we won at their ground earlier on in the season it think we defended for the whole of the second half! They were excellent. Very young, quick and passed the ball very well. I expect to see them challenging for the top 2 at the end of the season.

How old were you when you made the switch from an outfield player to a goalkeeper?

I think I was about 8 years old. I played one season up front, then one Sunday morning our goalkeeper didn’t turn up. As my Dad was the manager at the time and I was the tallest in the team I was the obvious choice to go in goal. I never came out! I have played there ever since. I’m happy my dad made that decision as i couldn’t stand running around anyway!

Who is the best player you have played with… and who is the best player you have played against?

The best player I’ve played with is George Purcell. We were with each other at Ebbsfleet for 3 years when we were younger, and we are into our fourth year together now at AFC Hornchurch. He probably has the best and hardest shot in non league and has scored some brilliant goals.

The best player I have played against is either Andre Gray or Joe Healy. I’d have to say Joe as he was one of those players that makes the game look so easy, and scored some outrageous goals.

If you could change one rule in football, what would it be?

I hate diving. It ruins the game and is giving football a bad name. Anyone caught diving should get a straight red in my opinion, wherever it is on the pitch, so that would have to be my rule change.

Who is your favourite footballer, past or present?

Hard question! As I’m a big West Ham fan I grew up watching Ludek Miklosko in the 90’s, he was brilliant in goal for West Ham and was one of my idols. So I would have to say him or Paolo Di Canio, what a player he was! Brilliant to watch. He had such skill and loved playing for West Ham.

And finally, what do you aim to achieve this season?

Promotion to the Bostik Premier, and 20 league clean sheets.


[Featured Image thank to IGS Photo and Sam Mott]. 



Dorking Wanderers v Merstham

So far in the Surrey County Cup, Dorking Wanderers have defeated South Park (2-1), Sutton Common Rovers (1-1, 7-8 penalties) and Chertsey Town (0-3).The Moatsiders have defeated Godalming Town (0-1), Walton & Hersham (5-1) and Whyteleafe (2-1) to reach this encounter

Dorking Wanderers | Matthew Willard, Rob Sheridan, Dean Gunner, Chris Boulter, Jerome Beckles, Anthony Oakes, Jake Beecroft, Guiseppe Sole, Sam Beard, Tom Tolfrey, James McShane, Dan Mahoney, Alex Wells, Tom Summerfield, William Hearn

Merstham | Josh Smith, Simon Cooper, Kristian Campbell, Antone Douglas, Marc Okoye, Xavier Vidal, Alex Addai, Tom Kavanagh, Omar Folkes, Dan Bennett, Reece Hall, Michael Abnett, Dan Hector, Tom Howard, Rae Bailey-Allen, Kershaney Samuels