Quick-fire Q&A with Dorking Wanderers forward James McShane

James McShane is a forward for Dorking Wanderers, playing an integral part in their Bostik League South promotion campaign last season. His previous clubs include Molesey, Walton Casuals as well as spells in Scotland with Clyde and East Stirlingshire. We caught up with James for a quick-fire Q&A


Firstly, how is this season going for you Dorking Wanderers, and how is it going for you personally?


It has been inconsistent really, with some great wins along the way, but after some games we feel we have come away with the feeling we should have got more than we got.


Do you set yourself any targets at the start of the season?


I always set a goal target of twenty goals a season. I am not quite there yet, but there is plenty of games remaining so I am hopeful of reaching my target.


Who has been the toughest opposition you have faced this season?


Hendon, I thought they were very well organised. They had a very well thought out game plan which nullified our threats.


Which position do you think you are most effective in?


I prefer to play the ‘number ten’ role, just behind the striker. I feel this is where I am best utilised.


Who is the best player you have played with… and who is the best player you have played against?


The best player I have played with has got to be Ruari MacLennan from my time in Scotland with Clyde.

The best player to play against was Jerome Beckles, when I played against him a few years back I couldn’t get near him.


There’s been a lot of talk about VAR lately, what is your opinion on it?


I disagree with VAR. I feel it has ruined the beautiful game from what I have seen of it so far.


If you could change one rule in football, what would it be?


Getting booked for celebrating a goal with fans, or booked taking your shirt off annoys me. I’d change the rule to make it more relaxed.


Who is your favourite footballer, past or present?


Zinedine Zidane is my all-time favourite player.


And finally, what do you aim to achieve with the rest of the season at Dorking Wanderers?


To keep our unbeaten run going, and to finish as high up the table as possible in our first year at this level.


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