1-on-1 with Dulwich Hamlet stopper Preston Edwards

Preston Edwards is a talented goalkeeper who started his career with Millwall. After spells at Dover Athletic and Grays, Edwards went onto play for Ebbsfleet, where he made over 200 appearances.

Now at Bostik Premier Dulwich Hamlet, Edwards must surely be considered one of the best keepers in the division. We caught up with Preston to see what he had to say about non-league, Dulwich Hamlet and more!


Firstly, how is this season going for you personally, and for Dulwich Hamlet as a whole?


Personally, I’ve been happy with my form. I have been quite consistent over the course of the season and kept a good number of clean sheets. The first half of the season was excellent for us. We accumulated over two points per game and that is a good sign when you want to be at the right end of the table. We have stuttered of late, and we have not been happy with results. I’m sure we will kick on, but we must start getting results if we want to achieve our aim of promotion.


Who has been the toughest opposition for Dulwich Hamlet so far this season?


Margate has been our toughest opponent to date. I thought they were well organised and limited us to only a few chances. We normally have lots of chances in each game, but in this game I can only remember us having a limited amount of chances.


When do you first remember going between the sticks?


I remember being put in the sticks when I was nine years old. I was a fat, asthmatic kid who could run fast, but ran out of breath quickly. My coach saved the hassle of me asking for my asthma pump during the game and stuck me in goal. I would much rather play on pitch though!


Who is the best player you have played with… and who is the best player you have played against?


I was with the England under 19s and played with Daniel Sturridge. He was unbelievable! I also played against Luka Modric. He had eyes at the back of his head!

In terms of non-league, the best player I have played with is Andre Gray, who has progressed on to play in the Premier League. A real powerhouse forward, who gives defenders a torrid time. An inspiration to all young non-league players that anything can happen if you have the determination to succeed.

The best player I played against is big Matt Rhead at Lincoln City. A man mountain, who wins absolutely everything in the air.


If you could change one rule in football, what would it be?


When an opposition player injures one of your players, and the injured player has to go off the pitch, whilst the offender stays on the pitch. This does not make any sense to me, so this would be the rule I would change!


You were once sent off after ten seconds, do you look back and laugh about it now?


Is this weird? I’m actually proud of the world record for the fastest sending off for a goalkeeper! I am hoping no one will beat it.


What is your favourite cuisine/dish?


I do love a gaucho steak with the boneless ribs. I starve myself the whole day when I know I have this to eat!


And finally… what makes Dulwich Hamlet unique as a club?


Dulwich is by far the most unique club in non-league football. It is well documented what is happening behind the scenes at Dulwich. This has galvanised the fans even more to keep supporting the team, and I can’t thank them enough for supporting the team through these tough times. The pink and blue is like no other team! Dulwich is a special club!



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